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Maintain your youthful glow with FacePixie 


How our technology works for you

Let's cover the basics

FacePixie's Thermal RF with Ionic Cleaning function emits cation (positive ions) and gentle motion vibrations to effectively loosen up deep-seated dirt and other skin impurities. By using this daily, after washing your face and before applying your daily toner, you create a perfectly clean canvass to apply your daily skincare.

Make your skincare work faster

FacePixie optimizes the effects of your favorite skincare. With its Ionic Moisture mode, FacePixie uses anion (negative ions) to bring nutrients deep into your skin faster, making your favorite skincare product work better.

The gentle vibrating motions promote blood circulation and stimulate regenerative processes in the skin for a healthy, youthful appearance.

Korean Technology Chromatherapy

FacePixie has an advanced Triple LED Chromatherapy technology that uses low frequency light to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, addressing specific skin concerns.

FacePixie uses Red Light to repair damaged skin cells, promote natural collagen production, and minimize wrinkles or fine lines; Blue Light to specifically kill acne causing bacteria and speed up healing of hormonal acne; and Green Light to revive sallow complexion and minimize the appearance of age spots or skin blemishes.

Skin Cryotherapy and EMS

Unlike most facial tool in the market, we don't stop at Light Therapy. As FacePixie's added feature, we pioneer the use of Skin Cryotherapy and EMS in an all-in-one device.

Skin Cryotherapy or Cool Therapy effectively shrinks your pores to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores while locking moisture into the skin. This function also helps soothe puffy, tired-looking eyes.

Facial EMS uses micro-current to accelerate metabolism and promote lymphatic drainage. This function facilitates cleaning, eliminates toxins, and reduces excess fat to give you that V-shape facial contour.

Multi-function, multi-benefit

FacePixie is your all-in-one at-home professional beauty tool. It has 5 functions integrating Ion Cleansing, Facial RF (Thermal Heating), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Chromatherapy (Light Therapy), and Skin Cryotheraphy (Cool Therapy) in one travel-friendly device.

We make sure to cover all bases. With FacePixie, you can now kiss all your skin woes goodbye.

No gimmicks, all science.

Order your FacePixie and experience a younger, brighter, and better-looking skin today.

Perfect skin in one tool

"[FacePixie] will help you get that dermatologist feel and also the results right in your home..."

- itsapplesworld, Youtuber/Beauty Guru

What They have to say

Apple Canlas

"Still amazed by FacePixie every single day! My skin is not perfect--I get breakouts, scarring, dryness, large pores--name it! But right now, I am on my journey in achieving the best my skin can get."

Jirbie Go

"I love traveling with my FacePixie. It's basically an instant facial treatment anywhere--whether I'm out in the city or stuck in traffic, I can squeeze in my skin pampering session conveniently."

Maebel Chan

"I’ve been using the My FacePixie Beauty Tool for a month and it is honestly one of the best tools in the market. I would use LED BLUE LIGHT whenever I have hormonal acne caused by my PMS and I’m surprised that my acne becomes smaller after every use. I also noticed that my skin got clearer and smoother because of the moisturizing and cooling features. It’s like a magic wand for my face! 💕"