FacePixie Beauty Wand
FacePixie Beauty Wand

FacePixie Beauty Wand

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FacePixie is your all-in-one at-home professional beauty tool. Its unique triangular treatment plate is designed to reach every curve and crevice of your face. It has 5 modes and 8 functions integrating Ion Cleansing/Moisture, Facial RF (Thermal Heating), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Chromatherapy (Light Therapy), and Cryotheraphy (Cold Therapy) in one pocket device.

Treatment modes:

 Facial RF warms up deep tissue to prepare the skin and enhance the benefit of your skincare products.

 Ion Cleansing emits positive ions and uses gentle vibrations to loosen up and attract stubborn dirt and oil away from the skin. This step effectively removes impurities that cannot be removed by normal soap-and-water cleansing, resulting to a clearer skin.

 Ion Moisture emits negative ions and uses gentle vibration to promote blood circulation and achieve better absorption of your skincare products.

 Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses micro-current to stimulate facial muscles, to enhance skin elasticity, and to effectively tone your face from within while achieving the coveted V-shape contour.

 Chromatherapy uses Korean Technology Triple LED Light Therapy benefits which are: Red Light to promote natural collagen production and minimize wrinkles or fine lines; Blue Light to specifically kill acne causing bacteria; and Green Light to minimize the appearance of age spots and blemishes.

Skin Cryotheraphy or Cool Therapy function helps tighten your skin, minimizes visible pores, and gets rid of morning puffiness with its thermal cooling action.

Try FacePixie today so your skin can thank you later.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: AC adapter ● Magnetic cotton stopper ● Travel pouch